It’s an outdoor escape room: you and your team will be in a small perimeter full of mysteries and completely surrounded by jungle. You have to solve all the clues and try to “escape” the jungle in less than 60 minutes.
Yes, but the gamemaster will supervise you all the time with cameras or at close distance. In case of kids-only groups, the game master will stay with them in the perimeter.
We use repellent and pest control regularly inside and all around the delimited perimeter. However outside the perimeter is wild jungle, do not cross it.
The game last 60 minutes, add extra 20 minutes for instructions and payment.
No, there will be only your group.
Water and mosquito repellent is highly recommended. You’re gonna be covered by the jungle all the time, so sunscreen is not needed.
2-3p $39 4-5p $34 +6 $30 per person
From 2 to 8 persons. Kids under 7 must be accompanied by a participating adult.