The Concept

Outdoor Escape Room

As a regular escape room, you will have to solves clues and enigmas to win the game and “escape” from the place. But in this one there is no room, you will be in a safe perimeter right in the middle of the jungle!

60 min Adventure

The adventure lasts 1 hour, that does not include the 3 minutes ride to get to the perimeter (we will bring you there on a car). There will be 20 minutes extra for instructions and payment.

Who can Play

Everyone! There is no particular skill needed to play. Kids under 7 must be accompanied by a participating adult. Close shoes and water is highly recommended to play.

The Creators

Max Viellard

Adventurous and creative, he has the soul of a storyteller and a mind full of puzzles. He has already created 3 different rooms and has a wide experience as game master. He will lead you into the mysteries of the jungle!

Mael Victory

As a 16 years old artist and entrepreneur, logic has no secrets to him! He has also created 3 rooms and enjoys creating clues. Don’t believe that it will be easy, there is no fun if it’s not hard to solve!